Resolutions are Made to be Broken – and Badly

My flash story ‘Nos’ was posted 1/1/18 on the Reflex Fiction website. It didn’t make the longlist but they said they liked it enough to publish which was decent of them and a good way to start the new year. The other flash story I submitted has made it to their longlist and so begins the wait to see if it progresses. Reflex Fiction posts a flash every day and worth taking a gander at.

Came second in the current edition of Writers’ Forum, which was lovely. I don’t have a link to this story as it’s printed, but proof, should it be needed, is in this badly-lit photo:


On the resolution front – none made this year as the disappointment of not fulfilling them is just too great and damaging to a precious soul like myself. Even the one to stop procrastinating, social-surfing and gazing out of windows when I should be writing. No, especially that one.


Author: boyleblethers

A serious part-time writer who would like to be a serious full-time writer, Sharon lives in East Lothian with family, dreaming of having more than a drawer in the dining room as her 'office'. She has been published on-line and in printed magazines and anthologies.

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