Let’s Drink to Drink

When thinking of the recurring themes in my stories I have to say drink features a lot. My first short story win was about a drunk being forced to see the light. There is barely a story of mine that doesn’t mention booze – even in a cursory way, such as, ‘…said Tom, waving a glass of gin.’ It’s like the backbone of my plots. Should I be worried?

I was short-listed in June for my short story Mrs Punch’s Last Stand in the Belfast Book Festival and it’s set in a hotel with, yes, a bar where one of the characters gets wellied after her husband’s funeral.

All our soaps from Eastenders to Emmerdale have life (and plots) centred round the pub. You didn’t find Miss Ellie getting blootered in a downtown Dallas bar or Krystal Carrington getting the heave from her local for dancing on the table. Think it must be a British thing – the backbone of our society, perhaps.

Frankly, if booze didn’t exist I think my writing output would be miniscule. And if booze didn’t exist that would certainly be something to worry about.

Saying all that, I had a flash published on-line you can read here which does not feature drink in any form whatsoever.


Author: boyleblethers

A serious part-time writer who would like to be a serious full-time writer, Sharon lives in East Lothian with family, dreaming of having more than a drawer in the dining room as her 'office'. She has been published on-line and in printed magazines and anthologies.

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