Patience Means Waiting

When my son was young, about 5 or 6, I asked him if he knew what patience meant (he was agitated about his tea taking more than a few seconds to arrive at the dinner table). He mumped out, ‘Waiting.’ Perfect one-word answer.

I entered the first chapter of my novel in a competition recently and a couple of weeks later the publisher asked for the full ms. Heck, it was only two drafts in which meant it was rough and unready. Fortunately I had told them this. No problem, they said, you have a week to polish it up. Polish it up? Polish? What a terrible week I had. When I wasn’t at work I was at the pc, trying to ‘polish’ my sandpaper effort into marble-smooth quality.

I failed. The task was too big. And so here I wait and wait, impatiently, to hear what they think of it, hoping they give me the perfect one-word answer.


Author: boyleblethers

A serious part-time writer who would like to be a serious full-time writer, Sharon lives in East Lothian with family, dreaming of having more than a drawer in the dining room as her 'office'. She has been published on-line and in printed magazines and anthologies.

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