Feedback: gives you ulcers

I received feedback from the publishers exactly a month ago. They are not publishing my novel. (I’m not so hot at describing emotion so I’ll skip what I felt.)


However they kindly sent a page and a half of feedback. I believe you can pay around £500 for this type of feedback from a literary agency.

I read it over and have to agree with everything they said. There is ONE paragraph on what is good about the novel – pacing (that’s a biggy) and the protagonist and a few other things. Then the rest is taken up with suggested improvements: mainly plot and relationships (and the emotions therein). That’s a lot of rewriting to do which is why I have been hard at work penning, planning and editing… anything else. Anything but my novel. I can’t bare to look at the thing. It’s offensive. But as a friend said to me the other day, Stay strong and carry on. I have paraphrased this as, Stop being a wuss and just get it done.

The slog starts here…


Author: boyleblethers

A serious part-time writer who would like to be a serious full-time writer, Sharon lives in East Lothian with family, dreaming of having more than a drawer in the dining room as her 'office'. She has been published on-line and in printed magazines and anthologies.

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