Luddites Unite

This blogging business is not easy for the Luddite – not the thinking of what to write, but rather the mechanics of it all. It took me just short of two hours to post my first paltry blog (it’s below and it’s not impressive) or should I say, first ever paragraph with no pictures or visual stimulation. It got to the point where I took it as a personal insult, thinking, ‘if it’s the last thing I do, I’m posting something today,’ and, ‘this computer will not outsmart me,’ and finally admitting I had been outsmarted and to just go with the text and think about visuals and other web horrors such as links and tags another time.

An example of too-smart-for-their-own good computers is when I left PC a month or so ago to do some time-wasting and returned to find PC had decided – BY ITSELF – to start uploading Windows 10. The cheek of it. I immediately stopped those shenanigans by pressing a few buttons, but have never trusted PC since.

This relates to topical talk of A1 taking over the world and should we be worried? Absolutely we should. PC knows what it is doing and I don’t.


Blogging Virgin No More

There, done it. Words gone from one invisible person (me) out to another invisible person(s). This blog is a WIP I’m using and abusing to showcase some of my work, including…whooping/drumroll/fanfare/a yawning ‘ just get on with it’…a story of mine that won the Exeter Writers 2017 Short Story Prize, found here