Success Stories

I have been placed in several competitions as listed below:

1st place   

Celluloid Job – Exeter Writers May 2017 read here

Carnivore Carnival – HISSAC Nov 2016 read here

Happy New Year – Writers’ Forum flash August 2017

Off-Grid Kid – Writers’ Forum March 2016

Hide and Not Seek – Writers’ Forum Sept 2015

Sky’s Theatre– (poem) – Writers’ Forum May 2015

Temperance Tune – Sentinel Literary January 2014 – judge’s report here

Writing Magazine Feb 2014 (kidlit entry – flash)

2nd place  

Shades of Suspicion – flash – Writers’ Forum Feb 2018

Bad Seed – Writers’ Forum Jan 2018

Ode to Fag Ash Lil – (poem) – Writers’ Forum Nov 2014

Welcome to Loserville – Writers’ Forum Dec 2013

The Bridge – (flash) – Yellow Room Dec 2012

There’s More than One Way to Enjoy Cake – Writer’s Reign 2011

The Lucky Ones Snore – Cooldog 2011

One Bite Does It – Write Space 2010

3rd place  

Junk Folk – Winchester Writers’ Festival – First Three Pages of a Novel – May 2018

Fraudsters – Writers’ Forum Feb 2017

Hybrid Girl – Writers’ Forum Feb 2015

The Three Disgraces and The Whereabouts of Cissy Flood Henshaw Press, published online Oct 2014 and in their 2015 anthology – info link here

Law of the Button – Fylde Brighter Writers Dec 2014


The following stories were either published online or in print:

Reflex Flash Fiction Nov 2018 (My Family Tree) read here

Reflex Flash Fiction Aug 2018 (Showdown on the High Noon Train) read here

Vernal Equinox Flash June 2018 (Veneers) read here

Reflex Flash Fiction Jan 2018 (Porkin’ in Heaven and Nos 2 x flash) read here

Earlyworks Press Jan 2018 (The Porter at the Party)

Earlyworks Press October 2017 (One-upmanship and Bested 2 x flash)

Son of God – the Pin-up (flash) – the Ink Tears Feb 2017 read here

The Real Deal Faker – International Short Story August 2015

Side Door Love and Challenging Lisa – Kishboo Magazine Feb 2015

The Emancipation of Gordon Spanner – The Moth Magazine Dec 2014 – info link here

Taking Out Hitler’s Mum – Dark Places online mag March 2014

How to Pick a Nose – Earlyworks Jan 2013

Colour in the White – Author Essentials March 2012

The Two Williams – Scribble 2010

Twelve Days – Spilling Ink 2010

I have also been shortlisted for Flash500, Erewash, Belfast Book Festival short story, Bristol Prize (notable contender), Bridport Flash, Mslexia, Exeter Writers, Writers’ Forum, Henshaw Press, Grace Dieu, Yellow Room, Sentinel Literary and Fish Pub, as well as longlisted for Exeter Flash, Flash 500, Fish Pub, Frome Festival, Writers’ Forum, Greenacre and HISSAC.